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Special Circumstances – Special Response

COVID – 19

WE ARE OPEN. Just like each of you, we are listening, learning and then acting according to what news is shared each day. We are following ALL National, State and County/City directives to ensure the protection of our dedicated staff and our beloved patients. Unlike most pregnancy centers and women’s health care providers, we have chosen to remain open and actively serve those in our community as “Providers of Essential Healthcare Operations and Providers of Basic Necessities to Economically Disadvantaged Populations.”

One might think offering services to those in unplanned pregnancies could be put on hold. What we have found is our services are even more critical. We are flooded with calls from women who feel even more desperate because of their fear surrounding Covid-19. We have consistently received calls from women who have already decided on abortion and now are terrified that the solution they believed they had found might not be available to them, especially while the closing of abortion clinics in Texas is battled out in court.

What we do NOT want to happen at a time when fear is running rampant is to take away from women a safe place to discuss their choices and the essential medical services they need. They need factual information about pregnancy. They need to hear they have support. They need to know someone cares. They don’t need to go to the internet to find an “at home abortion” solution that can endanger their lives. Desperate people will take desperate measures.

Additionally, we have had two different women within a ten day period come to us for medical services, one for prenatal care and the other for abortion information, both resulting in a sonogram being provided as part of routine care. That ultrasound service saved their lives because our medical staff discovered these women had ectopic pregnancies, a fetus developing in their fallopian tube, not within the uterus. This presents a life-threatening circumstance for the mother when left undetected. Both women were sent from our clinic to the Emergency Room of a nearby hospital where they received immediate surgical or medical intervention services.

We thank God for His Divine intervention. We thank God He chose to use our medical team to provide the eyes to see and mouth to speak life-saving truth to these women. We do that daily with women regarding the child they are carrying in their womb. We do not get the opportunity as often to save the mother’s life.

How can you help?

  • Pray for our staff. We daily trust the Lord, but we are also stretched emotionally, physically and intellectually. We have families who are rightfully concerned about our welfare as we serve on the front lines.
  • Pray for provisions. Our largest annual fundraiser scheduled for April 3, 2020 had to be postponed. Our expenses, however, have not been postponed. We understand many are in this situation. We ask if you can give to please prayerfully consider doing so.
  • We, too, need PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). Most needed – masks. If you can sew, we can provide a pattern to sew simple masks we can use in our center.
  • Provide diapers and wipes for our moms from underserved populations who rely on receiving these necessary items from our Earn While You Learn programs. (We are providing education classes electronically through Zoom so they may continue their learning and earning Mommy/Daddy bucks.)
  • Send an encouraging note or card to our Staff. We need some extra encouragement as we pour out hope on others.





In my fifteen years at Involved for Life, it has become more than evident we had a big problem. That problem continues to exist today: According to statistics gathered by The Charlotte Lozier Institute, 93% of women in their reproductive years know who Planned Parenthood is, yet only 6% know who their local pregnancy center is and what they do.

Despite the fact that there are 10 times more pregnancy centers across the country than there are Planned Parenthoods that perform abortion, quite simply, we have an enormous awareness crisis in the life-affirming pregnancy care space.

September 30, 2019 a major statewide announcement was made by four of the top pregnancy center organizations in our state to join together under one name and one mission to address this awareness problem in our state.

  • Downtown Pregnancy Center (Involved for Life, Inc) in Dallas, directed by Carolyn Cline
  • Austin LifeCare in Austin, directed by Andy Schoonover;
  • The Source for Women in Houston, directed by Larry Brewster; and
  • LifeChoices Medical Clinic in San Antionio, directed by Charity Farrar.

After over a year of regularly meeting and praying together, we all came to the same conclusion: to really make the impact needed in our cities and across our state, we need to partner together, merge under one brand, and generate an awareness for our much-needed services.

On May 15, 2019, these four centers met in Austin and signed a definitive agreement to merge under one brand, The Source, and to expand our services beyond those performed by a typical pregnancy center. By doing this, we can reach many more clients with options for life and the eternal hope of Christ!

What this means today is:

  • Over the next 6 months, all 8 clinic locations represented by these 4 organizations will provide STD/STI testing and treatment, prenatal care, well woman exams, and cancer screenings to our clientele, in addition to all the pregnancy care services we’ve offered for so many years. By doing this, we can serve more women before an unplanned pregnancy, empower them to make informed choices for their health, and become their trusted healthcare provider so they’ll choose to come to us first for their reproductive care and pregnancy needs.
  • We are officially rebranding across this network as The Source, and Downtown Pregnancy Center and Sonograms On Site will now be called The Source for Women North Texas. With a unified, recognized brand, more women will know who we are and the services we offer, and we’ll be able to really stand up to the “women’s health” giants like Planned Parenthood.
  • To support this effort and serve more women across the state, we have embarked upon a $20M capital campaign to merge or build an additional 20 clinics across the state to give every woman in Texas a safe place to express her healthcare concerns and get the care and attention she deserves. Our goal in Dallas is to grow to five comprehensive women’s health centers across North Texas by 2024.

 We diligently seek the Lord’s will, are thankful for His provision thus far, and ask for your prayers for this endeavor. We would love to tell you in more detail about the opportunities God is giving us and have you on board with this vision, so please reach out to us if you want to talk more at Carolyn@TheSource.org.

Our Calling:  “Plant the good seeds of righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for now is the time to seek the LORD, that He may come and shower His righteousness upon you.”  Hosea 10:12

Our Goal: To serve the North Texas community through a first-rate, fully-comprehensive women’s whole health clinic as a truly incomparable alternative to any other provider of women’s health services, addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of women through our Lifestyle Medical Model.

Services to be provided:

Currently we offer and will continue to provide:
  • Pregnancy testing and Medicaid verifications
  • Ultrasound (sonograms)
  • Screenings for STDs – Chlamydia & Gonorrhea
  • 11 value Urinalysis (including but not limited to: protein, glucose, nitrites, leukocytes, blood, specific gravity, pH)
  • Options counseling – factual information regarding parenting, adoption and abortion
  • Prenatal classes
  • Parenting preparedness classes
  • Sexual health education
  • Referrals for housing, education, counseling, social services, mentoring, etc.
  • Curb service to college campuses of medical services
  • Post abortion healing and recovery classes
  • Sharing of the Gospel
  • Unconditional acceptance and love given in the name of Jesus Christ regardless of belief system, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or even what language is spoken

As participants in the Healthy Texas Women program and providers within The Source for Women health network, we will provide the following:

  • Full services* for ALL sexually transmitted diseases – (*Positive HIV cases will be referred to the Dallas County Health HIV Program.)
  • Breast and cervical cancer screenings
  • Clinical breast examination
  • Complete blood count
  • Lab tests as directed by mid-level provider
  • Screening and treatment for cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure
  • Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer on staff for diagnostic gynecological ultrasounds
  • Full range of gynecological services, including well-woman exams

To be added at our new medical center:

Through the services of a Nurse Practioner, Nurse Midwife, Physician’s Assistant and/or OB-GYN, we will provide full prenatal care for “4 trimesters” – all 3 trimesters of pregnancy and post-partum care. Deliveries will take place at an area hospital or birthing center.

  • Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer on staff to perform diagnostic prenatal ultrasounds
  • Referrals for complications in pregnancy – Baylor and/or Methodist Perinatologists
  • Prepared childbirth classes for our patients
  • Screening and treatment for postpartum depression

Our Promise:  “Behold, I am doing a new thing: now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”  Isaiah 43:19

Our operations are audited annually by an outside accounting firm. Copies of our most recent audited financials are gladly provided at your request. Additionally, our audited financial and operating records are reviewed by three additional professional organizations: ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) as evaluated as an organization in good standing, Excellence in Giving, who has awarded IFLI with their Seal of Transparency and Guidestar where we have earned a gold star ranking.



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