Meet Our Executive Staff & Board

Meet Our Executive Staff

Carolyn Cline, Executive Director

“There is no greater reason to leap out of bed each morning than knowing that I will have the opportunity to witness God doing some of His best work through Involved for Life!  How humbled and privileged I am to be able to see my Lord transform lives of hopelessness and helplessness to lives with a hope and a future!”

Melinda Velez, DO – Medical Director

“A Christian life and the practice of medicine are both associated with a life of service to others.  Every staff member at Woman To Woman has willingly and unselfishly embraced the role of servanthood to our patients. Our staffs’ acts of service are exemplified, in part, by showing love and kindness to every patient, by validating each patient and her experiences,  acknowledging each patient’s inherent value, and by providing care as well as encouragement.”

Vicki King, Director of Development

“I serve at Involved for Life because I believe that every woman has the right (and need) to receive factual information regarding her alternatives to abortion before she makes a life or death decision regarding her unexpected pregnancy.”

Anne MacDonald, RN – Director of Compliance and Best Practices

“Hearts are changed, lives are saved and God is our CEO! I can’t imagine serving anywhere else!”







Earlene Jones – Sr. Director of Patient Services

“It’s such a joy serving the women here at Involved for Life!”







Jessie Miller, PA-C – Staff Physician Assistant/Medical Clinic Supervisor

“The medical care we provide at our clinics is of the highest quality and is given with the utmost care. It’s difficult to put into words how that looks day-to-day, but patients feel loved when every staff member does their best to continually reflect Jesus. The result is that true, lasting impact is made.”






Karen Biles – Manager of Business Operations

“I serve at IFLI because I believe in the high value of every human life and that God is the Creator of all life.”


Board of Directors:

  • Christina McCracken Nussle – Board Chair
  • Brian Helm – Board Vice-Chair
  • Charlie Campbell – Board Treasurer
  • Arlette Smith – Board Secretary
  • Amy House Birt
  • Dorothy Brooks
  • Carolyn Cline
  • Mary Margaret Gibson
  • Rachel Neumann
  • Lee Russell
  • Kristen Salas
  • Steve Wade

Advisory Board:

  • Ken Barge
  • Carol Everett
  • Liz Hallquist
  • Katharine Hill
  • June Hunt
  • Jerry Wilson
  • Haddon Winckler

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