Mission Statement

Involved for Life, Inc.


Touching hearts. Transforming lives.


We envision a world where . . .
Women have the knowledge and resources to live healthy, whole lives.


Our mission is to:
Educate and empower women to make informed, life-affirming decisions.


We provide these core programs and services:

  • Medical Services. Our convenient facilities provide free or low-cost services for women with sexually transmitted diseases and/or unintended pregnancies.
  • Sexual Health & Relationship Education. We provide education to women on maintaining a healthy sexuality, pre-abortion alternatives, post-abortion recovery, prenatal and parenting education and social service referrals for adoption, housing and medical needs outside our scope of services.
  • Holistic Counseling. Our approach addresses the “whole” person — physically, emotionally, and spiritually – improving relationships and strengthening the family.


The values that guide our decisions and actions are . . .

  • We are committed to empowering women with knowledge and information to promote good sexual health.
  • Informed Decisions. We inform women with facts they need to make decisions about sexual health. If facing an unplanned pregnancy, we support women with education and options to protect and preserve their health and the life of the unborn child.
  • We offer a safe, understanding, and trusting environment. Women find honest, straightforward answers about their sexual health without lecture or judgment.


As servants of the Lord, we seek to:

  • Glorify God. We seek God’s wisdom and guidance and believe our work brings honor and glory to Him. We boldly follow his lead.
  • Revere Sanctity of Life. We believe human life is sacred, with intrinsic value. We treat all people with the compassionate love and respect of Jesus Christ, from conception to natural death.



how we have helped

Worried. Anxious. Undecided . All these words described LaTisha as she “googled” to find a place where she could talk to someone about her unplanned pregnancy. She had miscarried the year before and felt there was no way she could... Read More.

- LaTisha

“I was single. I was pregnant. And, I didn’t know what to do. People around me were telling me to abort.” But Samaria hit the internet looking for someone to help her with her pregnancy. “The Downtown Pregnancy Center welcomed... Read More.

- Samaria

When the nurse performed the ultrasound, the scan showed a very small developing preborn that was just six weeks old. Then the baby’s heartbeat came up on the screen, and the tears began to flood down her face. Joy found... Read More.

- Joy

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