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Although we are a busy family at Involved for Life, we know that we can find a place for you to get involved. Below is a list of the many opportunities available within our three organizations. Please contact us with any questions regarding the time and necessary training for each position. Our needs are ever-changing, so please let us know if you have a unique way to get involved!

Two things you can do right now to get involved for life are:



As a non-profit, we rely on generous donations to underwrite all that we do. If you are interested in learning more about Involved for Life, Inc. and making a financial donation or long-term commitment, please contact us. We would love to invite you to our annual Gala, tour our facilities and share more about who we are and the amazing transformations that take place each day with our clients, volunteers and staff.

how we have helped

Worried. Anxious. Undecided . All these words described LaTisha as she “googled” to find a place where she could talk to someone about her unplanned pregnancy. She had miscarried the year before and felt there was no way she could... Read More.

- LaTisha

When the nurse performed the ultrasound, the scan showed a very small developing preborn that was just six weeks old. Then the baby’s heartbeat came up on the screen, and the tears began to flood down her face. Joy found... Read More.

- Joy

Thank You! Thank you! Words can not express how awesome you all are and were to me during my pregnancy. I was already blessed with my son Jordan and daughter Jakhaia, but then I found out I was due an... Read More.

- Jessica

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