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Abortion – the Unforgivable Sin, right?

The numbers are staggering – one in four of all women in the U.S. have experienced at least one abortion. And for age 45 and younger, the number is one out of three. And, perhaps even more surprising, that statistic is the same inside the church as out.

Yet, so few women talk about their past abortion experience. For most, it is a dark, hidden secret from a past she tries hard to forget. Very few, if anyone, know of her secret, especially not those in the church.

She knows in her head God forgives. And, for others, she’s quite sure that’s true. But not for her. She took the life of her child. Sure, it was legal. Sure, others encouraged (or coerced) her in the decision. But she did it, and she doesn’t feel she deserves to be forgiven.

Perhaps this is how someone you care about feels. Or, if that’s your story, then there is a truth you need to know deep in your soul: God loves you, and He forgives you. Jesus died for ALL sin, and He desires for you to be healed and made whole in a way that only He can provide.

Compassionate and confidential help is available. Contact Karen at or 972-636-4474. There is peace after the storm.

Hear from other past Post-Abortion Recovery group participants:

There are always times in our lives that we are not proud of our actions. Many people suppress their feelings of guilt and shame over these choices. If you have been in church all your life, like I have, you know “All have sinned and fallen short of glory of God.” The question is whether you will let this wrong choice define your life.

In the study of ‘Surrendering the Secret’, I began to understand that the choice of abortion I made over 40 years ago should not have defined my life. I accepted God’s forgiveness years ago but always had a hurting heart because I thought I could not forgive myself.

This study guides you through all the guilt, built up anger, and then helps calm your spirit into peace. You will see other women who have walked in your shoes and survived. You will also see women who are still struggling like you.
This study will give you a bond with others that you will not believe. Women who will go through the fire with you and help you with a peace your heart wants so badly. You will learn how to let go of many things that are holding you back from joy and accept the forgiveness you seek.

My experience with the post-abortion study was incredibly beneficial in helping me to heal by recognizing the hope and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ. Sharing this experience with other women who also struggled with the guilt and shame of abortion helped me to understand that I was not alone.

I would not want my worst enemy to experience the pain, guilt, shame, or self -destruction that I have experienced for the last 32 years.

It was on March 17, 1981 that I chose to have my baby aborted. At the time it was all about fear, abandonment, lack of support from my family, and denial that a real baby was living inside of me. I was single, 29 years old, and this was a quick and easy way for me to solve a ‘problem’. Little did I know that decision would result in my life becoming an empty and isolated journey that prevented me from developing a healthy self-worth nor any meaningful relationships (personally or professionally). I became the ‘woman at the well’ – running to marriage after marriage and even career after career – trying to find resolution and solace from the World, instead of seeking God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

My life WAS changed forever in 1981. But our God of second chances changed my life again, forever, in 2013 with the caring love and commitment of my sisters in Christ who heard God’s plans for them and opened their arms through a ministry of love and kindness with Get Involved For Life and the Uptown Women’s Center.

I walked into the Center as a hopeless Christian, knowing I was saved but certain I was forever held at arm’s length from God because of what I had done. I walked out of the 9-week Post-Abortive Healing Program hopeful with the joy of God’s grace and mercy shown to me thru these women.

Alone. Uncertain. Ashamed.

That is exactly what I was feeling when I decided to send an email regarding the Bible Study. I was just shy of a week post abortive. When I arrived, I had no idea that the women in that group would be life changing.

Even though I was raised in a Christian home, there was a lot of darkness in my life. God was able to use these women through this study, to bring His light back in. I felt so many emotions through this process, but these women surrounded me with love and lifted me up in God’s word. They refused to let me fall. I learned to truly surrender, to God, all of the darkness I had let in my life. And I ended up with an incredible testimony, and new friends. Peace. Hope. Joy. That is what I got in exchange for the feelings I had when I started. I am so glad I took this leap and joined the Bible Study when I did.

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