Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places” – Tiffany’s Story

The lines from this old country song express a sentiment that is understood by many of us. And, while this expression represents the search of many of our clients, for one in particular, this search seemed almost never ending.

Tiffany came to the pregnancy center in 2008. Scared, confused and concerned about her health, Tiffany was worried about being pregnant. At age 18, Tiffany had experienced the devastating effects of her parents’ divorce. The pain of the break up of her family left Tiffany with a fierce search for security, significance, and finally, unconditional love.

As a teenager Tiffany was drawn into easily acceptable friendships that were mostly drug and sex related. These so-called friendships always found Tiffany as the giver of herself and as a receiver of the world’s answers for pain – addictions and a broken heart. After coming to the DPC, Tiffany now says, “I love the Lord and He loves me”; and, as He is a giver of all good gifts, “He gave me my precious baby boy.” “As I express my love for the Lord and my child, I want to be the right kind of mother and a good Christian example for him to follow.

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Thank You! Thank you! Words can not express how awesome you all are and were to me during my pregnancy. I was already blessed with my son Jordan and daughter Jakhaia, but then I found out I was due an... Read More.

- Jessica

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- Samaria

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- Joy

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