Be Informed

Be Informed

We know that any one particular day there is more information being generated that any concerned Christian can absorb. We believe the Sanctity of Human Life issue is on the forefront for measuring the heartbeat of our culture. How one feels about this issue speaks clearly regarding how one values others, what one believes about justice, what one believes about creation, if one believes in the sovereignty of God, and if all lives have value.

The pro-life vs pro-abortion topic is debated from a religious standpoint, a social justice standpoint, an economic standpoint, a woman’s vs children’s rights standpoint, a political standpoint and much more. We will do our best to help you to be informed on the hottest and latest issues being discussed on our ministry Facebook page: GetInvolvedForLife. And when discussions or articles stand the test of time, we’ll post them here also for your review.


Information for those who want to leave the abortion industry


Recommended Reading

  • White Ghetto by Star Parker
  • Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women by Brian Fisher
  • Deliver Us From Abortion: Awakening the Church by Brian Fisher
  • Light In Our Darkness by Lisa Kratz Thomas and Kathy Gray
  • When Evil Strikes by Lila Wold Shelburne


Recommended Viewing

  1. Abortion Counter:
  2. Maafa 21 Documentary
  3. 180 Documentary   (Note: This is recommended for content, but not necessarily for presentation style.)

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